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The purpose of this web site is to engage anyone who may have questions about FT Precision or educate prospective associates of what we produce. FT Precision Incorporated is an automobile engine component parts supplier.
In our brief history, FT Precision (FTP) has established a reputation as being a leader among Honda automobile parts suppliers. As a team, we press forward through the many challenges posed by growth and continue to adapt to changes in the market.

Operation Overview

Our operations include machining of raw steel forgings, and cast aluminum combustion engine rocker arms, along with forgings of constant velocity joint bearings, and outboard retainer forgings. Machined parts are assembled into installable units, pictured. Within the past five years, FT Precision has included aluminum die-casting to meet demands for energy efficient light-weight combustion engine components.


Q:Where did the name FT Precision originate?

A:"F" stands for Fredericktown—the town in which FT Precision resides. "T" stands for Tanaka—the last name of the founder, Mr. Tanaka and is the name of our parent company (Tanaka Seimitsu Kogyo). Lastly, the word "Precision" is derived from Seimitsu (Japanese) meaning precision. All together the name reads, Fredericktown Tanaka Precision or FT Precision.

Q:Is FT Precision a Honda company?

A:No. FT Precision is a subsidiary of a separate company named Tanaka Seimitsu Kogyo (Tanaka Precision Industry), which provided 65% of the initial capital. However, the balance of 35% came from American Honda.

Q:What type of manufacturing processes are used at FT Precision?

A: The main manufacturing processes are steel and aluminum machining. Associates operate 8 aluminum cold chamber die cast machines and 20 CNC machining lines. The individually machined parts are assembled into functional rocker sets for installation at Honda. In addition, associates heat treat parts in furnaces, this process strengthens the metal.

Q:What Honda automobiles receive FT Precision parts?

A: Several. Our precisely machined parts are used in cars, mini vans, and full-sized trucks.

Q:How big is FT Precision?

A:The size of our facility—combining warehouse and production space—totals 329,500 sq. ft. and is situated on 63 acres of land. FT Precision currently employs 450 associates.

What We Do

We precisely machine and assemble these combustion engine rocker arms.

Engine Rocker Arm

NP0 rocker arm

Engine Rocker Arm

NP4 rocker arm

Engine Rocker Arm

NP2 rocker arm